• Marquardt Rocker switches 1839.1407
  • Marquardt Rocker switches 1839.1407
  • Marquardt Rocker switches 1839.1407
  • Marquardt Rocker switches 1839.1407

Marquardt Rocker switches 1839.1407

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Product Description

Product technical data

Marquardt 1830 Series Rocker Switches

Marquardt's complete range of monopolar and bipolar rocker switches are designed for panel mounting. Luminous and non-illuminating actuators are available in a variety of exciting designs and colors, and the 1830 Series Rocker Switches are suitable for a wide range of applications including Class II appliances. Easily assembled and cut to the recommended size of the panel cutout, the secure switch can be securely fastened simply by snapping into the panel and holding it in place. The 1830 Series Panel Mount Rocker Switches are available in either an instantaneous or latched format, including 2 and 3-position switches, on/off, intermediate disconnect and conversion models. A transparent PVC cover is provided to protect the 1830 Series Bipolar Rocker Switches for IP64 protection. Suitable for general repairs, maintenance and new prototypes.


Features and advantages

• Rated AC power supply

• High current rating: up to 20A

• High surge current (capacitive) up to 120A

• Ratings up to UL 94 V-2 (except stock numbers 679-8223 and 607-7438 with UL94 V-0 rating)

• Molded black or white body

• Connect via 4.8 mm or 6.3 mm Faston / quick connect terminals

• Unipolar normally open, single pole single throw, single pole double throw, double pole single throw and double pole double throw switch configurations

• Instantaneous and latching switch operation

• Industry standard cuts

• IP40 / IP64 (IP64 can be used with a transparent cover)



The rocker switch is one of the most commonly used types of electrical switches on the market today. Thanks to its simple design and easy operation, the rocker switch has a wide range of applications in both home and industrial environments. Some of the most common applications are:

• Security equipment

• Automation and control panels

• test instrument

• Laboratory equipment

• power supply

• HVAC equipment

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